Jayasri Radio was commenced in July 2009, and was warmly welcomed by thousands of Sri Lankan citizens all over the world.  Jayasri is located in Piliyandala which is a well known town in Sri Lanka  and is been broadcasted to the entire world . It was also able to stand in No.1 position amongst the other web radios broadcasted from Sri Lanka over the internet. Most of the Sri Lankans , all over the world listen to Jayasri Radio during the  24 hours of the day.

Over 1.6 million Sri Lankan citizens are working abroad . Out of that the majority of them are working as housemaids in Middle East countries, Cyprus and Israel . Others work in  western and  European countries. These reasons have made most of them lack their knowledge of the wonderful Sri Lankan heritage and culture. Jayasri Radio has developed a new platform of giving Sri Lankan citizens the opportunity of enjoying their cultural activities and being updated by the latest political, social and religious events.
Although, there are web radios that broadcasts a chain of songs through out the day , it is with pleasure  we say that Jayasri radio provides a service with live presenters, miscellaneous programs and songs on request in a live studio beam from 8.00 in the morning  till midnight.
A large number of listeners joins our live programs and requests songs according to their choices.We have also given our Jayasri listeners to join us via Skype to send their ideas , greethings and also do send their requests for songs.

Only Web Radio with Mass News Coverage

From January,2012 Jayasri  has  become an official media in Sri Lanka with a registration at Ministry of Information as a news web and received a media license and also media identity cards from the department of information. Thereafter , we started to cover all news events at the ministries and other organizations. And we started a LIVE news broadcast at 12.30 pm daily.

Media Sponsorship for Social Services

We are covering more social activities with  media sponsorship and media publicity. Specially in religious functions as fullmoon poya programs in temples, Vesak activities and sports events. We are broadcasting live dhamma programs on Poya days. And we are covering the social activities like Sinhala & Hindu New Year celebrations in small villages 


 Training New Broadcasters

Jayasri Radio will conduct “Jayasri Announcer Training Programme” with a view to develop the announcing skills  of teenagers in Sinhala language at a time when such announcers are scarce. Youth trainees from every corner in the country were participating this project and they may be the pioneers of the media field in Sri Lanka in the future.

Internet radio is a medium for audio broadcasting  which is a similar concept to traditional radio. The difference is that, as opposed to a standard AM or FM radio signal, Internet radio is transmitted directly to computers or similar devices via the Internet. Internet radio has no technical or geographical barriers. This has become very common and popular in the modern society. The people who are living out of their mother country, could listen to their  popular radio channels over the internet.